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Government reopens zoos, theme parks and river rafting as of June 15th

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced the reopening of zoos, theme parks, and river rafting as of June 15.

He said that the resumption of activities will be for an initial period of two weeks and will be reviewed on June 30.

He was speaking at a digital press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister in St. Andrew on June 12.

Providing further details, Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie, said that for zoos and theme parks, only 50 per cent of capacity will be accommodated at any point in time during the operating hours.

He said proper signage at all locations, temperature checks and sanitisation procedures must be implemented.

Each facility must put sanitisation stations in place for the proper washing of hands and physical distancing must be observed, with six-foot markers placed in each area where persons are expected to line up.

Minister McKenzie noted that guests and staff members are expected to wear masks, and rails and barriers must be sanitised regularly.

He said the facility for play will remain closed and guests will not to be permitted to touch the animals.

“The only activities that will take place in the theme parks and zoos [are] the viewing of animals… . All doors and windows in the exhibition area must remain open,” he noted.

Turning to river rafting activities, Minister McKenzie said this will be allowed from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. He said temperature checks must be done and masks must be worn by rafters and raft captains at all times.

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