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Fully Bad and Honormosity charged, to appear in court on January 24th after Sting brawl

Four persons to include two entertainers were arrested and charged for disorderly conduct committed at the staging of sting 2023 at the Jamworld Entertainment Complex in Portmore, St.Catherine on Wednesday, December 27 at 6:30 a.m.

They are:

  1. Nicholas Ricardo Bartley o/c Fully Bad, DOB 18.03.1996, Recording Artist of 12 Glen Drive, Kingston 8.
  2. Layton Simms o/c Honormosity, DOB 6.5.84, Recording artist of Whitehall Avenue, Kingston 19, 3.
  3. Rushane Shavar Williams, DOB 22.11.91, Mason of Mount Ogle, Sligoville, St. Catherine and,
  4. Dalton Derraldo Bartley o/c Dina, DOB 14.8.94, Musician of 12 Glen Drive, Kingston 8.

Facts briefly: Nicholas Bartley and Layton Simms were performing on stage when they both started a fight disrupting the event. Rushane Williams and Delron Bartley also joined in the brawl which lead to further disruption, hence all four men were charged for their conduct.

They will appear in St Catherine Parish Court on the 24.01.2023.

Notwithstanding this unfortunate incident credit must be given to the promoters for the inclusive approach taken in the planning and preparation for the event. It was as a result of that level of preparation we (the Police) were able to quickly quell the disturbance. It was obvious that the youngsters were inexperienced and psychologically unprepared.

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