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Capleton overturns car in serious crash in St. Thomas

Dancehall star Capleton was involved in a serious car accident in the community of Llandewey in St. Thomas early this morning. The deejay crashed and overturned his black Benz. Luckily, the Prophet emerged from the accident largely unscathed with minor cuts and bruises.

“He is OK, it is part of his blessing,” a relieved Claudette Kemp, his manager said.

Llandewey is a settlement along the Yallahs River in St. Thomas. It is approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of Kingston.

“He and his family were in the car, his brother, his nephew and his cousin and they’re all OK, just minor bruises, it is a blessing.”


Capleton and his relatives were transported to the St. Andrew’s Memorial hospital where they were treated and sent home.

“Sizzla came to look for him, that’s what it is all about, unity….the road conditions are really bad in St. Thomas, Capleton wrote off his black Benz,” she said.

Capleton was returning home early this morning after performing at a charity show geared towards community building in St. Thomas alongside Sizzla on Monday.

Capleton emerged on the dancehall scene in the late 1980s. A decade later, he embraced Rastafari and is known for songs including Tour, Wings of The Morning, More Fire, Raggy Road, and Jah Jah City. He has released more than 20 albums and is one of dancehall’s elder statesmen.

In 1990, Capleton exploded on the scene with his first single, Bombo Red, produced by Philip “Fatis” Burrell. The song is too risqué for radio play, but creates a buzz in Jamaica. He followed up with a barrage of dancehall hit singles including Number One Pon the Look Good Chart and Lotion Man.

In 1994, Capleton embraced Rastafari and his album Good So is released and features tracks like Everybody, Cold Blooded Murderer and Sign & Wonder. He then inked a major record deal with Russell Simmons’ Def Jam Records.

Then in 1995, he became a crossover act with the album Prophecy. The project features hip-hop and reggae infused tracks like Tour and Wings of The Morning.

In 2002, his Grammy-nominated Still Blazin’ album is released featuring How It Sound, Cooyah Cooyah and Pure Woman.

In 2004, Capleton released the album Reign of Fire which includes the track That Day Will Come. His career was hurt by the anti-gay lobby in 2007 when he came under fire for lambasting homosexuals in his music and on stage. He later signed the Reggae Compassionate Act in agreement with the Stop Murder Music campaign, but then was accused of violating the agreement later that year.

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