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Buju’s son murdered in Florida

Anecdotal stories suggest that Miles Myrie, the 20 year old son of reggae icon Buju Banton , was shot and killed by a homeless man in Florida. The murder reportedly occurred on March 31, 2024.

An unidentified woman berated Buju Banton in a widely circulated video, claiming that the Till Shiloh artiste failed to properly care for his mentally ill son. She claimed that Miles Myrie lived with her for two months before his death. She claimed that a member of the Banton family sent someone to pick him up, and he died a few days later.

“You could have bought him a ticket,” she said.

“They knew he had trouble, they knew he had issues. You never bring your son home to Jamaica. You is Buju, you coulda borrow the money to buy a one way ticket for your son to come home to Jamaica. You need to be held accountable for these kids.”

The lady said that no one took him to a

“Dem release him back to the streets, he got killed on the street begging for food. Him de pon street ah dead fi hungry on the street, you coulda done better! I am going to post this! You could have done better, you should have brought him home as a father. Is wickedness. Now everyone is mourning, you’re mourning, this is so bad, and no one can tell me or prove me wrong, i had him at my house for two months. God!,” she said.

She said that Buju had not even posted anything about his own son’s death.

“How can he post? Him never give a fuck about the kid!”

Buju Banton’s son, Jahazeil, is the only one that posted a photo of his brother’s death. He told the Jamaica Observer that Miles was living in the United States at the time of his death. He did not divulge the cause of death or whether his brother had been ailing.

“We grow up together one ah the time dem, and he always would motivate me to never give up. He was a very motivational person no matter wah. When he was younger, he wanted to be a judge but as he got older, he got to love the rapping so he wanted to be a rapper.”

On Monday, Jahazeil shared a photo of the pair in his Instagram Stories as he seemingly mourned the loss of his sibling. The post featured Popcaan’s mournful single, Only Jah Know, along with a broken heart emoji.

— Althea Burrell

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