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Amari tells Aunty Donna to “stop call up mi name”; claims that Gully Bop is “married man”


Although Amari “Dj Mona Lisa” admitted that embattled dancehall artiste Gully Bop was her last real “love”,she will not be taken for a fool. She lambasted the Wuk Affi Mi deejay accusing him of dabbling in the occult and consorting with a “iniquity worker”.

“Weh di blxxdclaat yuh a call up mi name fah Donna […] Donna do not call mi name,” A’mari shouted angrily during a rant.

She claimed that she is over Bop and has moved on to better things as she has regained her “young life”.

“Gully Bop turned up at Aunty Donna and he turned up with a “pastor” saying that he needs help and the situation with his sickness, the bag….running out of bags and they went on a live. Aunty Donna called out me and Shauna Chin but she stayed on my name so we need to help Gully Bop. I realized that the whole Internet was flooded with this matter and that Amari needs to help Gully Bop,” she explained to

Amari, who is well known for her philanthropy, said she initially felt compassion for her former lover.

“I got in touch with the pastor but the story had a twist to it. But I said to myself ‘hold on a minute’. Isn’t this man a married man? Why are you calling me? Aunty Donna doesn’t seem to be aware of this matter, she is only going after what she was told. They are making it seem as if Gully Bop spent all this money on me and Shauna Chin and these two exes need to come out and do for him, “

She said that while she was involved with Gully Bop, she had been financially responsible for Dem Nuh Bad like Me deejay for six months while he was in the United States.

“He only once bought me a dress for US$500, that’s all,” she said.


She said her fans are upset, and descended like a swarm of angry wasps on Aunty Donna. Amari contends that the messenger Aunty Donna’s letter must be “Returned to Sender”.

“When I look back, this is totally wrong and I can understand why my fans are offended. I respect Aunty Donna and I respect her work, I just believe that the letter was address to the wrong person. Wrong person. Wrong Address,” she said.

“Aunty Donna sent her letter to the wrong Angel, this Angel remembers. When I take time to reflect, I have to remember that Neko mash up mi life. Number one, mi de pon the street, never have nothing to eat, mi ask him to help me, him say no to bombocleet. Gully Bop is Neko and I don’t interfere with people’s marriages,” she said.

She said that if Gully Bop were to pass on, “his wife, Debbie Nicholson, would be entitled to half of everything”.

“So why did they send for Amari?” she asked incredulously.

“The world seems to have forgotten that he is a married man. This will be shock to them to read it, wait a minute, they forgot all this,” she said.

Amari, whose real name is Veniece Fung-Chung, said that she believes that although Gully Bop needs help, he is being “exploited”.

Further on in the chat, A’mara declared that she called Gully Bop’s pastor who turned out to be a “obeah man”. According to A’mari, the pastor told her that he gave Gully Bop a “deliverance bathe” but it was unsuccessful.

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