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SHAME ON CHU CHU @one876 @bounce876

He believes the manner in which ‘Chu Chu’ died has cast a “dark shadow” on theatre practitioners in Jamaica.

“It is tragic and sad if the post mortem reports are true, but everyone has their own choices on how to live their lives and I respect his choice just as how I respect another man’s religion. However, it is unfortunate that he made such a choice because it casts a dark shadow on the theatre, and it sets a bad example for aspiring actors and actresses coming into the industry. Plus it has other ramifications for theatre practitioners in that we could be probed more thoroughly when going overseas to do our productions,” he said.

Earlier this week, a post mortem conducted on Cleve ‘Chu Chu’ Warren confirmed that the late theatre actor’s body had over 50 pellets of cocaine when he died.

The police reported that the cocaine was found during an autopsy done on the 46-year-old on Tuesday.The actor had reportedly complained about having severe stomach pains, after which he began vomiting blood. He was rushed to the St Anns Bay hospital, where he died shortly after.

The actor has played the role of a woman in several plays for over two decades. He has had leading roles in local plays such as Passa Passa, Man fi Get Bun and Mama Man.

There are uncanny parallels to the careers of Chu Chu and Shebada. Ramsay has had a meteoric rise in local theatre since his break playing ‘Shebada’ in the box office hit, ‘Bashment Granny’. He will reprise the Shebada role in ‘Bashment Granny 3’ when it opens at Green Gables theatre on December 19th.

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