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Quenga guns for the ‘Millions’


Eastsyde Records dancehall artiste Quenga is heating up the streets with a new get-money single called ‘Millions’ which was released three months ago on the Eastsyde Records label.

“The streets love what a gwaan, people love the metaphors and the flow, and the girls dem love the swag,” the artiste whose real name is Javaughn Campbell, said.

The song, which features swanky visuals, has racked up over 400,000 views since its release.

He grew up in the Lysson community in St. Thomas where he attended Lysson Primary and then Morant Bay High school. He started composing songs in 2016, inspired by the sparkling rhymes of rappers Jay Z and Tupac. The first song he ever recorded was ‘Emoji Face’ in 2019 but the song was not properly promoted. He continued to work on his craft with his team at Eastsyde Records.

“Me and Dippa and Skilli went to the same high school so we were close friends then right as we left high school, Dippa built a studio in Bull Bay and we just integrated and formed the label EastSyde,” he said.

Versatile to say the least, Quenga produces relatable content that young dancehall fans can feel. The emerging artiste has only one goal and that’s success, maintaining his authenticity and dropping nothing but street bangers.

“I would describe my style as compelling and soothing due to my unique voice, so mi just a gwaan heat up the place with some wicked rhymes, and sick metaphors,” he said.

There are plans to release an EP on the Eastsyde Records imprint this year.

“We’re now in the process of putting these song together, probably about ten tracks. We’re looking to drop it soon,” he said.

He is perhaps best known for a cameo on Not, alongside Eastsyde labelmates Skillibeng, Street Gena, F.S., and One Sparkes. The video has racked up over 9 million views on YouTube since its release in January 2021.

He is a member of the Eastsyde Records camp alongside Skillibeng, Rytical, F.S, Jubbynile and Kay-liah.

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