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LYRICS TO ‘African Civilization’ written by Fitzroy Francis

The destruction of African civilization
Started way back when
They invaded the Motherland
They rob and rape
They loot and shoot
They kill and maimed
Innocent people, animals, and plants.


Is true, is true, yes is true
I stand for the whole truth
Is true, is true, yes is true
I stand for the whole truth

So let defend the monarchy
Come defend the theocracy
We have to protect our legacy.
They burned the chronicles of our ancestors
Evil spiritual gangsters……….

                  Interlude (solo)

Now those years have passed and gone
The bitter memory still lives on
I n I will never be ashamed
I n I will uplift the race.


King Selassie I restored black civilization
And revealed many untold stories
To those who believe in fantasy
He is the “Power of the Divine Authority”
With no apology.


Written by Fitzroy R. Francis.
Artiste: Freddy Green.
Producer. Fitzroy Francis.
Composer: Freddy Green/Green Iris Band.
Recording Studio: Funbeats Studio.
Mixing Studio: Graviton Studios international.
Mastered by Mr. Earle Holder at the Hdqtrz Studio.
Label: Mightyful13 Records
Distributor: Vpal Music

Names of musicians:

Lead vocal/guitar: Freddy Green
Drummer: Sunny Sticks
Bassist: Ben Zongs
Keyboardist: Damils
Lead guitarist: Sam Exodus
Trumpeter: Joe Bass
Saxophonist: Petlong
Percussionist: Jaks and Tongak
Talkin’ drummer: Babalagba
Background Vocals: Siye and Sato

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