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KYLE Butler disses Rvssian over Dutty Money

Despite Kyle Butler being a big fan of Russian’s work in the past, the ex-football player had choiced words for the music producer. Russian recently did an interview with Questimes on YouTube describing the ease at which gaining popularity as an artist has shifted. Russian voiced the opinion that previously it was a lot of networking and ladder climbing while in this day and age, just a little bit of talent and social media can propel you into stardom.

This goes against Butler’s belief as in any sport the more you practice and train the better you get. Butler argues that music producers develop and cultivate talent and that Russian had no ground to stand on.

This caused a heated debate where Russian called Butler a lousy football player and Butler made instagram stories calling out the music producer’s career, despite praising and respecting his ability to re-introduce the iconic “Dutty Money Riddim” to a new generation of talented and hungry artistes.

Russian pulled out his old laptop and showed proof that he created the beat in 2009 from scratch. He stated that the best was originally meant for the musician Ding Dong and was inspired by the rapper Busta Rhymes.

Now social media users have been trolling Butler about owning Russian $1 million.

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