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Ishawna gets mad comments on ‘I NEED LOVE’ VIDEO @one876 @ishawna @SkattaBurrell

“I feel great, the video and the song are getting a lot of attention in the US, and this gives an international audience a chance to hear my music and be introduced to who Ishawna is. It is just another baby step for me in my journey as an artiste. My label is giving me a lot of support and we are trying to get more rotation of my music on urban radio stations such as HOT 97 next,” she said.

There were several lascivious comments on the sexualized content of the video which has Ishawna dancing topless on a balcony against an idyllic landscape. Some viewers complimented her looks, while others said they enjoyed the song and recognised it as being on the same beat as Mad Cobra’s Billboard hit, Flex. In the meantime, her dancehall singles, Restraining Order and Crybaby continue to enjoy excellent rotation on radio. Ishawna is booked to perform in the UK on three shows alongside Demarco between January 31 to February 3, 2015.

She is expected on a show in Montego Bay on December 6th.

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