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21 cups of rum killed 21 year-old woman from St. Catherine


A 21 year old St. Catherine woman, Shenoya Brown, died of suspected alcohol poisoning on Thursday, hours after chugging 24 cups of an alcoholic beverage to celebrate her twenty-first birthday.

According to reports, Brown reportedly drank multiple cups of alcoholic beverages on Wednesday night in the Kentish District of St. Catherine.

A video which surfaced online showed Brown downing several cups of what is said to be white rum as she counted to 21. It appeared to be a deadly game because reports state that Brown went to bed after consuming the alcohol.

At 9:00 a.m., Brown was found unresponsive in bed, and an alarm was sounded. She was later pronounced dead. A sudden death case is now being probed by the Browns Hall police in St Catherine.

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