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YUNG JR STEPS OUT @one876 @bounce876

Since his emergence the young singer has released several singles gaining him well needed attention, with the two most noteworthy ‘High High’ and ‘Raggamuffin’ muscling their way on to the renowned as well as saturating the FM airwaves across the Diaspora. The pair of songs also racked up a combined 200,000+ views within months leading to several international entities showing interest in his career. The latter also peaked at No.3 on the European based Riddim Magazine Chart.

After achieving commendable levels of success especially in Europe and the Caribbean, Yung Jr. has returned in 2014 with a masterfully crafted composition titled ‘General’ co-produced by himself and Bassick Records the single adapts that authentic yet nostalgic root-rock-reggae vibes synonymous with the 1990s as he orates about the perils of youth, poverty and inner-city life. An official video has also been released via the French based Reggaeville to rave reviews. The visuals were shot under the watchful eyes of directors Adoney Reid and Simon Thompson.

Speaking with members of the media in a recent interview Yung Jr. explains his affinity for keeping the music authentic and laden with messages of truth, spirituality and upliftment.

“I try to sing about things that are real an authentic and do it in a matter that people despite their socio-economic background or ethnicity can overstand and relate; music is a reflection of life and it’s that realness that I aspire to portray in my songs.”

Meanwhile, over the past months the young Rastafarian has performed at a triad of high profile events such as ‘Reggae In The Hills’, ‘Fashion Meet Reggae’ and Florida’s annual Reggae Vibes Concert. Yung Jr. currently in studio working on a project with ZincFence Records slated for release very soon.

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