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Beenie Man sings about ‘Chicken Gunya’ (LYRICS) @KingBeenieMan @michieboo101

The disease has inspired him to team up with the Astronauts for this humorous send-up to the endemic that has infected thousands over the past two months. Produced by LockeCityMusic Group, the song is certified hit because of its infectious hook, and biting lyrics.

Beenie Man lists a frightening arrangement of diseases which have afflicted the human race in the last century. He deejays:

We face flu, polo, pink eye, chicken pox, we thank God fi nuh send Ebola
We face mumps, measles and cancer
The AIDS question still nuh have no answer
Ah biological war dem a start pon we
Dem send a mosquito weh a backbiter

The songs lists out symptoms of the disease: “Yu caan go work fi a week, mash up yu hands and mek yu bone dem weak”.

But it is the Astronauts who make the song with a laugh a line hook:

Mi nuh fraida nuh human being ,or how much gunman inna yu scheme
Yu could have a dozen M 16
Mi only fraida chikungunya

Mi no care yu a which bad man
Neither which garrison yu come from
Yu coulda spar wid a million don
Mi only fraida chicken gunman

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