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Will Demarco accept Ganggoolie challenge at Sting 2014? @one876

“Tell Laing fi draft up the contract, mi waah rub him out like the rubber weh the kids dem used ah school. Wah du Fat Kat? It look like him only have strength fi Konshens because him feel Konshens a weak fence. Demarco and him punk friend dem de pon Talk Yu Mind and ah diss up artiste…wah happen to da fat clown ya wid him bag a laughing and giggling every minute. Mi do a song name Go Fi Dem and a next one name Puppy Tail Face, answer that if yu bad,” a fired-up Ganggoolie said,

“Ah gal alone good so how Demarco fi a mislead the nation bout him name inna di Good Book, my name inna the straight book.”

Ganggoolie and Demarco have been in a war of words lately over the promotion of the ‘Puppy Tail’ dance.

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