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Two-year old twin girls died in a fire in Grants Pen, St Andrew, Thursday night, January 31.

The charred remains of the two girls were found in one room of their home that was burnt to the ground, on Grants Pen Road. 

They have not been named. However reports are that the twins were left with a relative at home, in a section of the community of businesses and residences, known as Belgium. This marks the second time in less than one year that twins have died in a fire in the Corporate Area. 

On January 27th, 2018, an early morning blaze killed three infants and destroyed two dwellings in a yard on Booby Drive in the area popularly known as Cockburn Pen in St Andrew. The three infants, two of whom were twin brothers, were identified as one-year-old Juvanni and Jivanni Bennett, also called Jeremiah and Joshua, respectively; and their two-year-old aunt Crisana Maxwell. Crisana’s twin sister, along with another child who is said to be aged three, were also injured during the fire. 

When the fire started efforts were made to get to the girls inside a room but that proved impossible. Fire personnel on the scene were told the children were in the room but they also could not get to them as the fire was raging at that time.

Four units from Half Way Tree, York Park and Trench Town fire stations fought the blaze that destroyed three houses in all.

Up to 15 people were left homeless by the fire.

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