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Sasco named ambassador for ‘Grow Smart, Eat Smart’

Agriculture Minister Pearnel Charles Jr made the announcement that Agent Sasco will be the ambassador for the ‘Grow Smart, Eat Smart’ campaign to sustain the agriculture sector. The Minister disclosed the development after his recent tour of the couple’s 20-acre Mulberry Valley Estate in St Mary.

Singer Agent Sasco’s wife, businesswoman Nicole McLaren Campbell will also serve as an envoy.

Mr. Charles described Mulberry as a magical place and a reflection of sustainable agriculture and tourism, which Jamaica needs.

He went further by making an Instagram post honoring the couple.

Hailing from Kintyre, on the banks of the Hope River, Agent Sasco received support from his fans and colleagues from his alma mater, Camperdown High, after sharing a photo on social media of the tour which he led.

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