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Senegal: The case is a traveller from Guinea who, after testing, was immediately moved into isolation in the infectious disease ward of Fann Hospital, Dakar. Read more…

United States: A traveller from Liberia was hospitalised in Dallas, Texas, in late September. Read more…

The following countries are testing travellers for Ebola:

6 October: See Netherlands

Canada: 2 October – A person who recently travelled to West Africa is being tested for Ebola in a hospital in Toronto. Test results were negative for Ebola.
Guinea-Bissau: 30 August – Unconfirmed reports about eight people quarantined in a hospital in Gabu, who entered the region from Guinea Conakry. There are unconfirmed reports on 10 September of three people with suspected Ebola being monitored in Bafata Hospital. The three people are all citizens of Guinea-Conakry.
Malawi: On 28 August two refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo suspected of having Ebola symptoms escaped isolation before being fully examined by health officials. The refugees entered Malawi at the Songwe border, Karonga district and their current location is unknown.
Maldives: On 30 September, out of an abundance of precaution, a Nigerian tourist to Maldives was quarantined. The man displayed no signs of illness or Ebola symptoms.
Netherlands: 5 October – a patient suspected to be infected with Ebola has been admitted at Erasmus Medical Centre on 4 October. He had recently travelled to Sierra Leone. Although preliminary tests are negative for Ebola, futher tests are being done and results are expected on 6 October.
Rwanda: On 29 September the Rwandan Ministry of Health discounted reports of a suspected case in Muhima Hospital. They explained that the person did not die from Ebola and that they had tested negative for the disease.
United States: 3 October – a patient with Ebola-like symptoms is in isolation in a Washington D.C. hospital, “out of an abundance of caution”. The patient had a history of recent travel to Nigeria. Reports on 4 October excluded Ebola in the Washington patient. A patient in Sarasota, Florida was placed into isolation but the person has been labeled as “highly unlikely” to have the virus as they had not visited any of the high-risk countries in West Africa.
2 October – A patient in Honolulu, Hawaii is being managed in a medical facility in isolation. The Hawaii State Department of Health has ruled out Ebola (PDF).
1 October: Another patient has been admitted to a children’s hospital in Utah. Test result is unlikely to be Ebola but its done out of an abundance of caution.

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