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The Surinamese promoter of the ‘Back to School’ Tommy Lee-Alkaline show — during which Alkaline was reportedly bottled by angry fans — has denied those allegations, pointing to time constraints and strict cut-off government guidelines for stage shows as the reason why the huge crowd resorted to bottle throwing two weeks ago at the concert in Flamboyant Park, Suriname.

“”Alkaline did not get a full hour to perform his songs and the police went onstage at 2 a.m to end the show and that’s what started the bottle throwing. Tommy Lee performed for 80 minutes, and cut into Alkaline’s time by almost 20 minutes. Alkaline began performing at 1:20 a.m and he went until 2 .am. when three police officers went onstage and started to unplug the system,” Vincent Truys, promoter of the Back to School concert told

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