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Kurtici scores big with Money to Di Link

Dancehall artiste Kurtici is heating up the streets buzzing with his new dancehall trap song ‘Money To Di Link’ which was released on the Icon Records label on August 17th.

“The song is making a real impact on the dancehall scene after my dancing song ‘Real Way’ gave me recognition with music fans. This song is a follow up right now, and it is getting radio airplay and the street selectors are playing it in the dancehall,” Kurtici said.

Given the advance buzz on the song, Kurtici is already bankrolling a video to help promote the project.

“The video will be shot later this month and released some time in October,” he said.

Kurtici was born in Kingston and attended Old Harbour School where he began an enduring love affair with music during his teenage years. Like most young boys in his community, he would listen to dancehall tapes with his friends which fuelled his desire to become a dancehall artiste. At age 16, he took the plunge and made his debut by performing at an event in his community.

He relocated to Brixton in the United Kingdom in the 1990s. He later returned to Jamaica to live where he is pursuing his musical aspirations with the hope of making a name for himself on the local music scene.

Since his return, he has worked with a number of producers, including Anchor, Cash Flow Records, and Armzhouse Records.

“Dancehall music is Jamaican culture. And so, as a Jamaican,I had to return to my homeland so that I can represent the real way,” Kurtici, whose given name is Kerrick Bartley, said.

He is optimistic about making a breakthrough with his latest effort, ‘Money to di Link’.

“I feel that 2019 will be my year to find the song that can make me a household name,” he said.

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