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ISHAWNA WAS BRILLIANT AT ‘FULL BLACK’, SHE BUSS !!! @one876 @ishawna @SkattaBurrell @bounce876 @whatasinting @prgirl876

Dressed in a nun outfit, she hit the stage immediately after Lady Saw, and she never missed a beat. The air was charged with anticipation as she walked out dressed in a nun’s habit. She then stripped down to a full block body suit that got a lot of screams from the females in the audience, and hoots of approval from the males.

She then belted out the words of her hit song, ‘Need Love’ and got an immediate forward. in the backstage area, many patrons turned to see the exit of Foota Hype and his small entourage as her now-infamous interview blared out of the speakers. Maybe he knew what was coming and decided to leave. She said ‘in the name of Jesus’ and the girls screamed their approval at her bit of showmanship, even devout Catholics would have had to give her a forward. She asked for a male patron to join her onstage and two men immediately ran towards the stage, a elderly rastafarian man, and a diminutive man.

“Mi ask for one, but mi caan manage two one time,” she said, laughing and the venue erupted into laughter.

She then proceeded to dash it up on the rastafarian man and he obliged by simulating a rigorous bit of ‘outercourse’, jamming her belatedly, much to the amusement and jealousy of the males in the audience.

“The Rastaman go hard mi nah lie, mine Selassie crucify her, Rastaman, yu too bad!!!” a selector shouted onstage, and the venue erupted into laughter again.

After this, she could do no wrong, declaring that her assets were legendary.

“When a man get this, him haffi walk and talk bout ya!” she said, an obvious jab at Foota Hype.

She then did a line of her hit, Everybody ah Go Know, then interjected a new line: “everybody know say me and Skatta fuckkkk”. Women rain up and down the venue, screaming laughter, and the men hooted their approval.

“Big up the man dem who know how fi tek care of a woman, some man get dem chance and when the woman left, dem start World War 3, election run, yu lose yu seat!!!!” she shouted.

She then did Restraining Order, earning two forwards as the females sang the punch line: ‘stop watch out mi good good’ over and over again. Then she closed her set with ‘Crybaby’, and the girls gave her another enthusiastic forward.

After Ishawna’s performance, the police closed the show as the event had gone over its allotted time.

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