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Bishop Charlesworth Browne of the Christian Ministries Church,warned that artiste “will bring decadence and death” to the nation.

Bishop Browne i said he is prepared to call for a boycott of the nation’s Independence celebrations over the upcoming performance.

“I am calling upon the rest of the Christian community to steer clear of the rest of the independence celebrations,” Bishop Browne told the Antiguan Sun newspaper. “If they’re going to be as corrupt and perverse as this, then I say to the Christian community, withdraw from them completely.”

Alkaline, whose given name is Earlan Bartley, is a magnet for controversy with his bleached, pale skin and tattooed pitch black eyes,.

The 22-year-old performer as recently granted a US work permit. Alkaline is also rumoured to be a Satanist, and some consider him to be following in the footsteps of fellow dancehall artiste Tommy Lee, also known as Uncle Demon.

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