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High Current blazes with ‘Red Fire’

Reggae artiste High Current is striking a blow for justice in the hearts of oppressors with his latest single, Red Fire, a hard-hitting commentary about the political state of affairs in the world today.

“The feedback to this song has been excellent. The inspiration behind this song is due to a lot of the injustice that has been done to humanity throughout history, and which is happening in our very presence today. This song is like an arrow to the hearts of the powers that live in the high and low places,” a passionate High Current said.

The track, Red Fire, will be the deejay’s first official song to be released on a rhythm project that also includes Chuck Fenda’s popular ‘Heartless’ single.

“The next step will be to shoot a video for Red Fire, because of the great energy I am getting from the public. I am a new artiste in the field, but the signs are encouraging,” High Current said.

High Current is presently working with US-based independent label, 203 Studio.

Born migrated as a youngster to live in the United States where he completed his tertiary education. He was introduced to music by a childhood friend who visited him for a few months at my home, and he moved in with all his music equipment. That event sparked his love for music, and fascinated by the art, he began to pursue his craft, christening himself High Current.

“The name High Current is different and unique because I have a lyrical flow that is marked by force and strength. It is a name that is operating on a high vibrational frequency, which suits my personality,” he said.

He is a mentor of reggae star Chuck Fenda.

“Chuck Fenda is one of the greatest reggae artistes to emerge from Jamaica, and it is an honor for me to be mentored by the reggae superstar. He has become a new friend and a bigger brother to me. He sees and recognizes the potential in me, and in me, and for that, I am thankful,” he said.

He plans to release a five track EP which will include Red Fire, in 2024.

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