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Breeze Genah shoots video for ‘Investment’ single ft. Zamunda


How Wow Records artiste Breeze Genah has teamed up with fellow artiste Zamunda for a new single called Investment.

“This song was never planned, but the matter of investment is an everyday preements for everybody, everybody needs solid investments,” the artiste whose real name is Donovan Grant, said.


“Zamunda chose this riddim out of three choices. He was freestyling the hook, so I was in a taxi at the moment when he sent me the voice note with the hook, and mi just came up with my part same time. Investment is a big part of people’s daily lives. Everybody is trying to flip money, they have money and don’t know what to do with it, but the best thing is investment, farms, find a way to generate more money,” he said.

The single, which appears on the How Wow Records imprint, will be released with visuals in October. Zamunda and Breeze Genah shot the video for Investment last Friday in Negril.

“The reaction has been great so far in the studios and in the streets with Investment, the song connect with the youths,” Breeze Genah said.

Breeze Genah believes that subjects such as Financial Literacy and Money Management should be taught in high schools.

“They need to teach Financial Literacy in school, I was doing so well in school, if I had put my mind to it, I would be a bright nerd, because I come from a bright family. But I have relatives who have gone to university who have no jobs, and several bright sisters with dozens of subjects who sit down a yard, , They need to teach people business practices, practical things to survive, that’s where the Earth is, they need to tweak the curriculum of even IT to show children how to make money,” he reasoned.

Breeze Genah is excited about the direction of his career.

“I am just looking forward to making a major move with my career. I am just pushing, Jamaica can look out, I just need a listening ear to give the people what they want,” he said.

He hails originally from Portland but now resides in St. Ann. He grew up in Hope Bay in Portland where he attended Port Antonio High school where he excelled at football. He dropped out of high school and he got a level 1 and level 2 certificates in Food and Beverage. He did several interviews with hotels on the North Coast but got no calls to land positions in the tourism industry.

Eventually, he was introduced to music where he met up with Deep Jahi and the Third Eye music group two years ago. He worked hard to hone his craft and he is on the verge of a major breakthrough.

Breeze Genah is part of a dancehall movement that includes Pablo YG, Kraff, Deep Jahi, Rhumba, Santos, Budu Chop, and Zhavein that have been making major moves along the North Coast.

“I have upcoming songs such as a single featuring Rhumba, a song released as a message to my son, ‘To Aiden’, and several others,” he said.

He is known for the singles, Air Force One, Hold On which did well in the South Africa and Guyana markets, and Dawkess Alone featuring Kraff which hit the Trending lists for two weeks.

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