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Any similarities are “coincidental” – Breyan Isaacs

Breyan Isaac, who co-produced Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion’s Bongos, rubbished claims that there were similarities between the track and Lincoln 3Dot’s Bang. Following Bongos‘ release on September 7,dancehall fans almost lost their collective minds, complaining that there were striking similarities between the song and Lincoln 3Dot’s Bang, produced by Track Starr in 2021.

However, Isaac says any similarities are “coincidental”. He claims that despite only just recently being released, production for Bongos actually began in 2018.

“The song was originally recorded around the beginning of October 2018,” Isaac revealed. “I produced the existing version after trying a few different productions at the end of October (same year). I started sending around to different people around 2019, so it’s been in conversation for a while.”

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