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What caused Konshens-producer beef and fight at MOJITO MONDAYS??? @one876 @bounce876

“At around 1 inna di morning, Konshens send go call the youth, and then the argument start, and Konshens grab up the yute, and the yute defend himself by licking him with a bottle and tear off the whole ah him face and fuck him up, then the dance get crazy because the crowd of man start beat the yute. Mi no know who the producer yute is, him run down Konshens and beat him wid the bottle inna him head and then use a metal bar and lick him wid it. The yute hair bleach out yellow or white, and he had on tattoos. Then police come, mi hear one shot fire, Mojito Mondays mash up and everybody cut,” the eyewitness told

Mojito Mondays is held weekly at Southdale Plaza near Half-Way Tree in St Andrew. The extent of Konshens’ injuries were not immediately clear, but it is understood that they included blows to the head, and face.

“The man face buss up, and him a bleed, and mi see him run inna him tight pants go to him vehicle and speed off,” the eyewitness said.

Konshens was taken to the Andrew’s Memorial Hospital for treatment, and released.

“Then some man rush the producer and a punch him up , but him get weh from dem, and say him a call Grants Pen fi come deal wid dem case. The police dem not even arrest him or nothing because there was nobody there fi file a report because Konshens tek weh himself,” the eyewitness said.

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