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El Gringo Records goes into book publishing with ‘Son of the Cali Cartel’ story of the infamous cocaine kingpins of Colombia

Jamaicans have always had a fascination with gangsters. That is why El Gringo Records boss Reece is seeking to promote a new book, Son of the Cali Cartel, in Jamaica as it sets out in riveting detail the life story of William Rodriguez Abadia, the former head of the infamous Cali Cartel in Colombia. “I […]

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Reece Dry closes UK tour with Italian mafioso boss Michael Franzese

El Gringo Records boss dancehall producer Reece Dry has just finished a U.K. tour with Italian Mafia Boss Michael Franzese who has been telling tales of his life to educate youths about the perils of a life of crime. “Being a part of Michael’s tour was very special and interesting, I believe the U.K. will […]

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