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Sanchez collaborates with Shaggy on ‘With You’ single @one876 @bounce876

Whereas With You, on the heavy-hitting Reminisce riddim, is a throwback to the days when the dancehall bubbled with clean, positive, fun-filled energy, Food for The Brain, as the name suggests, is an ode to the ‘chronic’ and a song to which all those who believe that this is the weed found on King Solomon’s grave can easily relate.

It was over a decade ago that Sanchez gave the dancehall the anthem with the famous opening lines, “I man smoke the chronic just to meditate..” and he is now boldly declaring that “Ah wanna bun it and let out the smoke like choo choo train …smoke it when I’m writing, this is the right thing…” The lyrics, mood and tone of Food For The Brain are Sanchez at his best and dancehall critics have long agreed that when you want a good ‘weed tune’, Sanchez is the man.

But, the versatile Sanchez, whose repertoire of gospel songs can compare to that of the best international gospel singer, says, “a song is a song is a song”. He feels it’s not so much about doing “a good weed tune” or “a great gospel song”, it’s more about putting your all into doing something that you are passionate about.

“My passion is music,” he said simply. “That is how I communicate with the world. When I sing, it is coming straight from the heart, so whatever the genre, I give it my best shot … and the rest is up to the fans,” the Amazing Grace singer declared.

Sanchez recently concluded a hectic summer season which saw him doing shows in the Caribbean, Europe and North America. His most recent event was the Philly Jerk Festival, two weeks ago, where he again thrilled enthusiastic fans, who acknowledged that no-one can compare to the singer with the golden voice.

Shaggy & Sanchez – With You – Ranch Entertainment – August 2014

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