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Robert Livingston cuts ties with Jah Cure as his manager @one876

“I have backed down from managing Jah Cure. He has his thing set out how he wants it, and it will not help me to continue to work with him because he will not get to the level I want him to get to. He is working his company, Iyah Cure, he is producing his own music and selecting who he wants to work with,” Livingston said.

“He is basically trying to use me, and learn the game from me, and I see no future there. I went through that already with Super Cat, and Shaggy. I helped to build them, and as I want to build, everyone has a problem.”

He said that he believes that Jah Cure did not appreciate the magnitude of his job, and how demanding a managerial job can be.

“I make phone calls everyday, I give him insight into his career, I recommend that he clear up his back taxes, I helped to groom him for his live performances. I invested my money, and I only get ten per cent. He made a remark that I didn’t like, and I told him to keep his money. I told him that me and yu good, but I will not be your manager anymore,” he siad.

Livingston hinted that he may just opt out of the business of artiste management in the near future.

“I am fed up, the game is not right. I help make them rich and famous, and then me and them don’t end up talking, and they make an enemy out of me. It is not right,” he said.

Gary ‘Dr Dread’ Himelfarb, founder of RAS Records, is reportedly the new manager.

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