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Poet Akgrif Neunie to launch The Concept on Sept 24 @one876 @bounce876

“This is my first book of poetry, but I have been writing poetry for almost 20 years, fine-tuning my craft. It will be self-published under It’s a non-fictional story formed by the journey , inspired by the destination, these poems are the representation of a man’s dream of the world becoming his stage,” he said. makes an author’s books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook, iBooks, the bookstore and many other retailers. The book now retails online for US$13.95.

“The book is a summary of my experiences, 12 poems about the blend of my life. Poems like ‘Got Tricked’ have a twist to them. I listen to everything, music, poetry, I love reggae and dancehall and from those influences and experiences, I create my own philosophies and views about life,” he said.

Neunie grew up in the community of Westport in Portmore, St. Catherine. He attended Bridgeport High school before migrating to live in the USA when he was 13 years old. He completed his formal education in the US but continued to work on his craft. Neunie has performed at open mike nights at poetry clubs in Manhattan, New York but has never published any poems in international poetry magazines or literary publications. You can, however, find his poems online at

Neunie has now returned to Jamaica to launch his book, ‘The Concept’. The book launch will feature a live performance and book signing at 66 Mannings Hill Road on September 24th. The launch begins at 7:30 p.m. It marks a triumphant return to his homeland.

“It’s great to be back in Jamaica. My grandfather is full Chinese, my name sounds French but is actually Chinese. My first name, Akgrif means health and strength, and I am 100 per cent Jamaica so it is great to get back to my roots to launch my book,” he said.

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