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“Peetah Morgan is a deadbeat dad who hasn’t seen his kids in eight years” – PASHON @one876 @pashonminott

However, Pashon Minott, the mother of Destiny and Journey, says that the sum is disrespectful and furthermore, Peetah Morgan is a “deadbeat dad” who has not seen his daughters in eight years.

“Black and white no lie. people think I have got millions from Peetah Morgan, but he pays a small pittance to take care of his kids. He can keep his money. He pays US$97.50 for his daughters’ child support every week, is that what his daughters are worth to him? I have survived without him for eight years. I have not touched a dollar of that money. He is a disgrace, he has not seen his kids in eight years. My eldest, Destiny remembers him, but Journey who is 12 doesn’t remember, she calls him ‘the guy’. I am not pushing hate in them but he has done nothing to make a connection with them,” Tamar ‘Pashon’ Minott, the mother of Destiny and Journey, said.

The court also ruled that Morgan owed Ms. Minott a sum of 11,000 in arrears for child support for the four delinquent years.

“When they asked him how much he could afford to pay on the arrears, he said US$5 per week. So I think that it is a lie that that is all he can afford. He signed court documents that he only earns US$580 a week, and that is disrespectful, and a big fat lie. So I don’t touch the money, make it stay there and gwaan grow because my children will be 50 before the arrears are paid in full. Now what kind of man is that?” she said.

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