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Marr is here to stain the place with hit songs @one876

“The Marr name come about because wherever me go perform, mi stain the place with a positive energy. Anno nothing negative,” he said.

Born Omar Anthony Reid on September 9, 1989, the artiste grew up in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. Marr attended Old Harbour High school in St Catherine and earned a reputation for his singing ability during his adolescent years. However, he did not record his first song, ‘Baby Boo’, until two years after leaving high school. That was never released but he did not get discouraged.

“Sizzla Kalonji and I-wayne gave me the inspiration through their lyrical translations and I found a deeper consciousness to overcome the physical obstacles which I am facing in Jamaica. That is the power of music,” he said.

He is now signed to 10 Star Records. Now he is ready to spread his powerful message through music because he finally has the right team in place.

“Kemar Wilson one of my very close relatives introduced me to one of his brothers called Oaska who has been involved in music both Jamaica and abroad for a very long period of time and that’s where we all started thinking and putting up a studio called 10 Star Records and there is where I do all my recording and became more involved with music,” he explained.

He has released a single called ‘Star of Wonder’ which have excited selectors and disc jockeys because of his brilliant crystal-clear delivery and his Sizzla-like intonations. Another single, ‘Slave Yard’ has a haunting delivery that reflects the pain and suffering experienced by the poor underclass.

“My aim is to make to make good reggae music to encourage life relative to make conscious decision cause to every action there is a reaction,” Marr said.

Look out Jamaica, here comes the Marr.

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