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Mark Lyttle promotes Missing You @one876 @marklyttlemusic

He credits artistes such as Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass and James Ingram for influencing his love of music and providing a level of music that is inspiring and entertaining, a model he hopes to perfect.

This contributed to him being recalled to the musical arena where he resurrected his songwriting skills and passion for music was reborn. His latest efforts, which he has produced, have yielded four singles including the timely and relevant, This Little Nation, which has captivated all who have been privileged enough to hear them, leaving them awe-struck by his obvious talent.

Mark Lyttle has a renewed commitment to his craft and described his music as soulful and current, with an international flavour laced with just the right amount of reggae.

Lyttle is promoting his latest single, Missing You.

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