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Kalado heads to Antigua for ‘Action Pack’ show @one876

Keeping his eyes firmly focused on the prize, the entertainer who has already secured a number one hit with “Personally”, has no intention of resting on his laurels. For him, it’s all about preparing for the next show, putting out another song or just generally working on his craft. The hard-working entertainer recently released what is poised to be another monster hit, the Dre Day-produced “Sex Compliment”, and this is just one of the many songs that he will use to entertain fans in Antigua on Saturday night.

Scheduled to be held at the popular Millers By The Sea venue on the island, Kalado will be joined by dancehall diva Tifa, in a concert that is being promoted as “Action Pack”. Although no stranger to the Caribbean, this will be Kalado’s official breakout Antigua show and he is rubbing his palms together in anticipation.

“Antiguans are so special and I just love their accent,” Kalado revealed.

He continued, “I can’t wait to perform for my fans there. My management team has been in constant communication with the promoters … they are rolling out the red carpet and we are ready to take the walk and give it our best, like we always do,” the “Take A Ride” artiste declared, adding that he has something special just for his Antiguan fans.

Then, without skipping much of a beat, the singjay who has arguably made the most strides for 2014 will head to Boston, Massachusetts, for his debut solo US performance the following weekend. Kalado is tipped to bring his special vibes to the concert as the headline act, and he is eager to roll out the goodies from his ever-increasing catalogue of hardcore and reality-laced dancehall songs. Among them will be: “Love The Life You Live”, “Living The Life”, “House Party”, “Rave Till Sunlight”, “Personally”, “Body Nuh Dead”, “Make Me Feel”, “Mi Money Good”, “Paper Trail” “Step Out”, “Sad Streets”, “Pree Money”, “Pay Dem No Mind” and “Take A Ride”.

“Although this is my real US debut, I feel no pressure, because I will be among the people who have helped to put me where I am today. My US fan base is extremely strong and I feel the love flowing already. This is going to be a great show,” Kalado asserted.

The venue of choice in Boston is Kay’s Oasis and the event takes its name from one of the artiste’s massive hits, “Good Good Bring Life”.

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