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The producer is irate that Alkaline re-recorded a song he had had produced for his Frasshouse riddim with another producer after finding out that certain artistes were on the riddim. The song in question is called ‘Somewhere’ and is now also on producer Lee Milla’s record label as well.

At the beginning of Lee Milla’s version, Alkaline even shouts in his intro, “A Lee Milla mi voice it fah.

“Di man sample mi rhythm and do over the song and a come talk bout a Lee Milla him voice it fah. People Alkaline voice the song first on my rhythm which is the Frass House Rhythm. The problem is when he found out who was featured on my rhythm, he said too much b—–man pon the rhythm and he didn’t want to be apart of it no more. So basically he disrespected me and the artiste dem, suh mi drop dat … same way,” Jjevafrass said.

Both versions of the song are available on YouTube and have received over 10,000 views each.

“I have not seen what that producer has said, I will have to review the information on Instagram but as far as I know, the song was done eight months ago, a long time ago. The producer is not authorised to distribute. I need to review this situation thoroughly but we may take legal action, if we will, we will let you know,” Kareen Beckford, Alkaline’s publicist, said.

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