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Dressed in a see-through top and tight shorts, she hit the stage singing ‘Need Love’ and after her first forward, jumped into the crowd and selected a lucky “nice clean good” male to sample her legendary assets.

“Mek mi show oonu the wine weh a mad the people dem bwoy pick-hey,” she said, much to the amusement of the crowd.

There was a small glitch as the organisers turned after her microphone after she uttered an expletive but when that was cleared up, she returned to the stage and asked the crowd if they wanted more Ishawna, and there was a resounding yes.

She then launched into Do For Love’, and the girls sang Specialist’s verses flawlessly in one clear voice, while Ishawna sang the crisp clear vocals of the chorus. She closed her set with Restraining Order’, gyrating her body suggestively to the ‘stop watch out mi, watch out mi good good’ while the girls screamed in delight. They loved every minute of her set.

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