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Ganggoolie overjoyed that the Neymar Dance added to BBC Radio

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Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie's 'Neymar Dance' has been added to the BBC Radio list of songs eligible for radio play. 

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Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie is counting on the propensity that Jamaican dancers have for using  absolutely anything to make up a dance and Brazilian footballer Neymar's antics at the 2018 World Cup seem like a prime candidate for a new dance this Summer. 


Enter: The Neymar Dance. 


Ganggoolie recorded the single on the Waters Production label, and it will be officially released via iTunes in August. 


"Neymar Dance ah tek over Jamaica right now, everybody ah upload it, everybody a share it , is the fastest rising song, bigger than the Usher Mi Out' . Selectors ah talk about it in the dance," he said. 


The dance involves people tumbling on the ground and sometimes writhing in make-belief pain to a catchy dancehall song and riddim by Ganggoolie, who has emerged as a social commentator in recent weeks. 

He did songs such as 'Usher Him Out' and 'Self-Defence' that lampooned Mr. Vegas' recent public entanglements. 


 "Lizard Hype send me a riddim about  a week ago, so mi shot the song on the riddim at a Audiotrax studio in Old Harbour . The engineer Brandon sent it on whatsapp and from mi send it, mi see the song ah come back to me, in the space of 24 hour, the song gone viral, is a good look, Johnny Kool play it on ZIP about five time and the station shell down," Ganggoolie said.


Jamaicans are not the only people having fun at Neymar's expense. Club Tijuana in Mexico had a Neymar Challenge which features competitors rolling on the pitch. After all, Brazil’s star reportedly spent a total of 14 minutes on the ground. Belgium fans made the forward’s falls into a drinking game.


"Everybody ah share it, people from all over the world ah link me, nuff love to the selectors, the disc jockeys, mi publicist, and all who ah give me a strength. The song ah buzz, it hot like wildfire," Ganggoolie said. 


Ganggoolie is known for the single, 'Muscle Wine'. 


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