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Girls buss fight over Rickey Teetz @rickeyteetz @winoutent @bunnywinout @one876

The entertainer was hanging out in the backstage area at the popular Heroes Day party, ‘ #Short Circuit’, waiting to perform when a female approached him asking for a photograph. At the time, another female came backstage and started an uproar as she refused to wait. Harsh words were exchanged between the two females and the situation devolved into a catfight over the artiste.

“Well, I know both the females, but I didn’t know they hated each other like that, it was kinda crazy…dem have a personal situation or something. I had to part them, but my entourage stepped in and separated them. Then mi go onstage and lock it down, it didn’t affect my performance,” he said, laughing.

He recently performed at the Stands at the Catherine Hal Stadium during the half time show of the St, James High vs Wolmer’s Boys High LIME Super Cup game. He also perfomed at the Trelawny Food Festival on Heroes Day.

The artistes is currently working on a few singles and a mixtape as he prepares himself for upcoming gigs in Seaford Town, Westmoreland and a show called ‘Outbreak’ on November 22 in Lathium, St. James.

In the meantime, the artiste has released the music video for his popular single,, “Physically’.

Fans can follow Rickey Teetz on Instagram and Twitter @rickeyteetz.

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