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GAL AH SHAKE THE PUPPY TAIL IN DEMARCO FACE – Ikon De Link @one876 @bounce876

Ikon De Link, known as the ‘Tower Man’ in dancehall circles, is cowering in fear.

“At All Star Thursdays later in the week, two man who mi know ah par wid Demarco block in my bike. One of them pull out a gun and show me and say ‘watch wa yu a do cause oonu violate we Monday night’, then dem ride off. They made some mad circle, we de de a build little, and ah that gwaan, mad circling and tings,” Ikon De Link told Loop Jamaica.

The reference to ‘Monday night’ is directed towards a shoving match at Uptown Mondays between Ikon De Link’s road team and that of Demarco during which bottles and insults were thrown. However, the bad blood has continued to escalate between the two rival camps.

This was not the first time Ikon De Link had been threatened, as he explained that two weeks before last week’s incidents, two men had approached him with guns and threatened to shoot him.

“Right now, mi fear fi me life cause ah badness dem a deal wid, and ah music mi a deal wid, understand me? If him waan approach me, him need fi approach mi himself. If him want a physical ting, mi wi thump him down. Mi no de pon no gun something with no man, ah music mi say,” Ikon De Link said.

Ikon De Link fired back with a hilarious 15 second Instagram video which made reference to certain alleged oral practices by Demarco.

“Mi do the Instagram video saying that the gal dem a shake the puppy tail inna him face, and that him get him mad. Look like it ah happen fi real. Ah him first diss me, and when mi answer, him tek it personal, him need fi tell him followers dem say a music mi a deal aid,” he said.

When contacted, entertainment manager and Demarco’s publicist Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small laughed off the rumours and issued a terse statement.

“The allegation being purported by this aspiring talent is absolute rubbish, instead of conjuring mischief to gain attention, he needs to go and find something constructive to do with his time,” Small said.

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