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“By the time I got home, I saw Marcia Griffiths waiting for me outside my apartment. She asked what were in those boxes packed up in front of my apartment. Surprised, I hurried to see what was inside and when I looked, it was condoms! In fact, it was 10,000 condoms, the Ministry of Health had dropped them off at my door. They had been concerned about certain health risks in Africa,” he said, laughing.

Forbes said he took 5,000 condoms with him, and by the third week of the tour had rolled around, they were finished.

“Three weeks, and 5000 condoms, it was crazy. After a while, I got tired of the guys coming to me in the middle of the night asking for condoms,so I put a big box outside with a sign, ‘Please help yourself!’,” he said, laughing.

“The man dem nuh easy! Dem gwaan bad ah Africa,” Forbes said.

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