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Cali P drops ‘HEALING OF THE NATION’ ALBUM, HITS CHARTS @one876 @therealcalip

The first track to be released from the project several weeks ago “My Home” went straight to No1 on the RIDDIM MAGAZINE / JUGGLERZ.DE CHARTS and has been there ever since!vThere is no doubt about it… reggae fans have been anticipating the “Healing Of The Nation” EP!

Make sure that you get your own copy online today! Check out what L3 MAGAZINE has to say about it:

“Reggae has a brand new release to celebrate, and that new release comes from CALI P! His new EP “Healing of the Nation” is sweeping over the masses like medicine for all illnesses!
Cali’s 9 track disc is simple and follows these principles: celebrate Mama Africa, the place we all come from, recognise the strength you have in you to withstand any and all obstacles that come your way, and together, we can make a great life. In a beautiful way, Cali P showcases the principles of RastafarI. Bringing these principles together is enhanced by Cali’s hand selected producers and composers, which includes RIGA & JAHNATON from HEMP HIGHER PRODUCTIONS, JR BLENDER, JUGGLERZ, SEANI B (just to name a few), and Cali’s hand selected band who bring the EP to life every time Cali hits the stage to perform live!”

Preview the tracks from the EP on REGGAEVILLE:


Itunes Link:

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