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BENKS “on the rise” @one876 @bounce876 @kgn11

This dancehall young blood has been raising eyebrows with his lead single, On The Rise, from his debut album of the same name. This track stands out because Benks’ brilliant cadence and rhythmic delivery carry the song with the slow dancehall beat.

“Everybody say the lyrics pon the song hard, and mi feel great to get such a compliment because is artistes like Eminem and Kartel who I rate musically because of their lyricism, and how dem formulate words. And that is what I want to do, spit mad lyrics,” he said.

Benks has carved out a great reputation one stage show at a time, performing for crowds at shows in Kingston, MoBay, Ocho Rios, Islington and Brown’s Town,

“Mi even perform at a funeral, ah the first time anyone ever deejay inna the church inna Clydesdale inna Brown’s Town-Alexandria area, and mi lock it down, the audience was amazed,” he said.

Born in Islington, St Mary on April 5, 1987, Benks fell in love with music after hearing tracks by dancehall mogul Bounty Killer being played by his father, who is also an active reggae recording artiste based in the United States.

After leaving Jamaica College, he began making strides in music, releasing singles Day Off, Now, New Friends and Man A Pree, which he recorded for Kingston 11 Productions, to which he is signed.

Now, he is on the verge of a major radio hit with On The Rise.

He can be contacted through his manager, Dwayne Dawkins at:

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