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Baby found – DNA confirms baby belongs to Suzette Whyte who lost her baby a month ago at VJH

There will be tears of joy and much rejoicing when the abducted baby boy of Suzette Whyte goes home to the quiet community of Trinityville, St. Thomas in the near future. It will be a happy ending to a harrowing four-week ordeal for the family.

Today, the police confirmed that the baby boy abducted nearly a month ago belongs to distraught mother Suzette Whyte.

The child is currently in the custody of the  Child Development Agency. The parents are at the Denham Town Police station talking to detectives. 

Whyte is yet to see her baby, but has been told the child will be handed over shortly. 

The baby was found after a woman attempted to register him at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) in Twickenham Park, St Catherine but aroused suspicion when it was discovered that she had forged documents to complete the registration. 

“Some documents that we found her with, we are checking the location where those documents came from,” head of the Kingston Western Police Division Superintendent Howard Chambers explained yesterday after the DNA test confirmed that the baby was the couple’s.

He said the signatures on the Child Health and Development Passport, among other documents that were presented at the RGD on Tuesday, were fictitious.

“After nearly a month of intense investigations that spanned multiple agencies and parishes, JCF investigators are today confirming that the baby that was stolen at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital on Wednesday, January 9 has been found,” the police said in a media release.

Meanwhile, the woman in whose custody the stolen baby was found remains in police custody as investigators continue their probe. She will be grilled during an interview session this evening, then she will face an identification parade as soon as arrangements are finalised.

For the family, a heavy burden has been lifted.

The baby’s aunt, Curline Edwards-Dunhaney, said today is a day for unbridled jubilation. 

“I spoke with the entire family today, we are from Trinityville, and the community is celebration, persons on Facebook, family and friends, everyone is celebrating it’s really good news,” she told ONE876NEWS. 

“The baby’s return has really made a difference, we have been sad for the past month, my mother, uncle, everyone was down, but today, I hear my mother laughing and talking, she was so down, thanks be to God, the baby has been found.” 

Interestingly, Mrs. Curline Edwards-Dunhaney, a Christian who has ties with the Church of God of Prophecy, has already forgiven the perpetrator of the act. 

“I feel sympathy for her, she told someone overseas that she was pregnant so she had to produce a baby. I am praying that she will find the Lord. I forgive her, right now, they are doing medical checks on the baby, I cannot tell law what to do, but I personally forgive her, I can’t tell my sister what to do, but I hope in my heart that my sister will forgive her one day,” Mrs. Edwards-Dunhaney said. 

She worships at a Church of God of Prophecy in Trinidad where she now resides.  

She held faith that the baby would have been returned even as the ordeal dragged on four weeks of sleepless nights, heartache and anger. 

“Many nights, I couldn’t sleep, I called Suzette everyday. But the Lord showed me the baby wasn’t dead, I knew that we would see that baby again in life, what would God do? I cannot tell the judge to grant mercy, but I can say, ‘I forgive you’,” she said. 

Mrs. Edwards-Dunhaney believes that the perpetrator should be examined by a medical practitioner. 

“This act was planned, i’ve heard that she was registered in a clinic at the time, and I feel that something may be mentally wrong with her for her to plan and carry out this act, but I still forgive her,” she said. 

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