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Mi a wonder wah do Alkaline, him career stall so him decide fi diss Bounty Killer fi get a little hype? Him no realize say him song caan play inna no dance, no selector nah play it so him better try again. Right now, it look like Jamaica waan done wid him.

In the controversial song, the artiste deejays:

“Me gal friend know how the ting go and she haffi buil or she will get a right…

No gal caan clown man, after me nuh Killa nor battyman Foota Hype

People say me chat a bag a madness, anyting me say, mek sense, just pree

How you fi tell me you a gyallis when from yuh born yuh never catch a STD”

The song was produced by ZJ Chrome, while the riddim was built by Russian.


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NO MORE EXCUSE ABOUT WHATSAPP MESSAGES AGAIN @whatasinting @prgirl876 @one876

All you people who ah gwaan like oonu don’t see my whatsapp message dem can go chuck off down a wharf now!!! Everyting change up. OOnu caan trick we again.
From today it will be harder to avoid WhatsApp messages, or at least claim that you haven’t seen them. From today the Facebook-owned app will display two blue ticks in the bottom right-hand corner of an individual message to show that it has been read. And clicking on the message will show you the precise time the recipient opened and read it.

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FAKE CLARKS FOR THE POOR?? @one876 @bounce876

What is the government going to do with the fake Clarks dem? Why not give them to the homeless instead of destroying them? On July 15, 1857 pairs of shoes bearing the ‘Clarks’ and other trademarks registered to C & J Clark International were seized. One businessman has been fined 500,000 for the breach and the Judge also ordered that the 1857 pairs of shoes seized be forfeited and destroyed. But give them to the poor instead.

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