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Sherna Spencer's 'Jamaica Goodbye' gets props Featured

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US-based attorney at law Sherna Spencer, the manager of the dancehall artiste N Gee, has written a poem called 'Jamaica Goodbye' to celebrate what she calls "Jamaica emergence out of darkness and into a new dawn", especially in light of the apocalyptic events of May 22, and the subsequent lull in crime. She is hoping to promote the poem during the upcoming Independence celebrations in August.

Jamaica Goodbye

Goodbye my love

I have loved you for a lifetime

I have loved you

from the top down - the misty tips of your mountain range and

from the ground up - the slippery stones in your river bottom

I have loved you

since the voices of the children echoed

"that's what little girls are made of, sugar and spice and all that's nice" and

"slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, that's what little boys are made of"

my love knew no bounds


No bounds as we roamed the parish 14

sentiments, smells and voices rising in song

rising in 1962

the ebb and flow of voices

year in, year out

turning 48

turning to unbridled weeping,

moaning of love, past and present

moaning of desire

moaning of hunger

moaning of pain


Heal my love, heal

take charge

take charge of your children, your brother, your sister

take charge of your fellow man and woman

exhult in the brotherhood and sisterhood of life

exhult in the language of the mortals

the language of the immortals

Nanny, Paul, Marcus, Mary, Busta and Lady B,

Sam, Miss Lou, Bob and the Manleys

they, the speakers of the language of love, portrayed love

yuh striving today because of their love

and the love from Jah above



Don't delay my love, the decay is imminent

the decay intolerable, spewing its wine through the parish 14

we are masters and participants

in a drunken slide, together holding hands like children on a journey

crossing a busy street, holding fast together

hoping for safe passage

children crisp, neatly dressed, clean and pure hearted

hopeful, danger unforeseen

now catastrophic, the slippery slope


Expel the wine

look back my love, before you step forward

your children have grown up walking

talking, listening, not seeing

their minds engaged not by thoughts of higher heights

or love of self and others in humility

no respect or human engagement


The bondage of the wine

the bondage of your mind my love had cast you

to the beginning of a time when you grunted

no language escaped your mouth

for you were barely human

look back, wake up my love



your blue mountains are your inspiration

your children cry out

their blood, their human body stands for you

let not a drop of their precious blood be shed in vain


Rise to the occasion


the time has come for you to stand strong

stand straight my love, rise and

we will stand with you

or it is goodbye forever

goodbye, whitewashed stones, bright rainbows, peacocks in bloom, sun washed streets

goodbye scents of mangoes-robin and number 11, ripe bananas, tangerines, sweetsop, codfish cooking on Sunday morning

goodbye morning mists, the salty taste of your flowing water

sights of the bougainvillea, the soft petals of your hibiscus

goodbye wide smiles, hearts beating, human hearts beating

it is goodbye to love

fi now

cause in mi heart of hearts, mi know

yuh soon come forward


Yuh mus’ come

for wi not leaving you out

We stand with you, my love

we will not let you fall

Lennox will show you the moves and so will

Jody-Ann Usain and Merlene, Carla and Naomi, Shari and Harry and

Mother and daughter Green, General Colin, Michael, Carl,

Grace, Oliver and Joan to name a few

they stood for you, we will stand with you

for out of many we are one

The seeds of our past were planted in your blessed ground

You’ll soon come back, but it might take a few rounds

our elders took their first breath of your sanctified air

their hearts and minds were formed in your wooden chairs

Oh love, dear love, your love knew no bounds

no bounds as we tarried in your parish 14

no bounds

as some left with your much needed protein

they left on the tail winds of the Caribbean

carrying Air Jamaica

carrying the black, the green and the gold

they spread it far and wide to

Australia, Ghana, Japan and Germany, with respect to your British and US progeny

all are trying to be like them

all now constrained to honor you with the mighty hyphen

No, we cyaan leave you out lovey

yuh always in the mix

Right now though it seem that you jus’ between and betwixt

our ancestors did all for Queen and country

it’s for the sake of love we offer you our bounty

So we know yuh coming

the future is in sight

for you taught us well

you taught us right

the heights that great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight

so we’ll toil with you darling, all day and all night

and wi have fait

dat wid massa God mercy

you wi go tru…

after you drink up yuh cerasse.

Sherna Spencer 6/12/2010

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