Chris Marshall hits 8.6 million views with...
Dancehall artiste Chris Marshall is pleased with the reaction to his latest single, the sensual slow-burner 'Tu y Yo' alongside Brazilian singer-songwriter Anitta. More detail
Blak Ryno resuscitated after New York car crash;...
  Former Portmore Empire artiste Blak Ryno is in critical condition after a car accident in New York last night. The artiste reportedly went into a state of cardiopulmonary arrest and medical personnel has to resuscitate him.  More detail
Beenie Man to headline Beach O Rama
Hundreds of Canadian party goers will join thousands of Jamaicans for Beachorama, which will take place on Saturday, April 27 at the Bournemouth Beach Park, Downtown Kingston. More detail
Koffee hits the UK chart with Toast
  Toast, the smash hit by singer Koffee, has entered the UK Official Singles Chart at number 84. The new chart was released yesterday. More detail
Massive police manhunt for Noel Chambers
A Jamaican man, Noel Chambers, 57, was caught by police on Tuesday evening after a region-wide police manhunt. He is accused of attacking his wife, Lorrice Harris, and the couple's daughter over the weekend. Chambers was discovered outside a fire station in the Miami, Florida. The firemen were... More detail
Fall in love with the delightful dishes at Totally Delicious Paradise

Fall in love with the delightful dishes at Totally Delicious Paradise

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  The Totally Delicious Paradise restaurant is a great restaurant with  thrillingly affordable prices and the comfortable, stylish dining room feels like an oasis in a green jungle paradise off the Old Harbour main road. The restaurant, which features a well-appointed dining area dubbed Biiss, a charming ice cream shoppe appropriately called 'Wonderland', is a truly essential addition to Old Harbour's dining scene.   


Most of the items on the Bliss menu feature cooking which is elegant and professional, but also bears a comforting hominess, too, especially with a delightful stewed peas dish that your grandmother would have made back in the day. The menu largely consists of simply cut-above versions of familiar classics, including luscious mackerel run-down and sumptuous curried goat dishes. Totally Delicious provides not only local but international cuisine offerings with Jamaican panache.  Pretty much everything is exquisite: slices of house-made smoked salmon, pasta offerings such as hearty, lip-smacking fresh Pappardelle, Fettucine, Bucatini, or if you need a bonafide Italian fix, Lasagne alla Bolognese. 

Many local celebrities dine at Totally Delicious because it is one of the best restaurants outside the Corporate area, and it is a culinary haven in a quiet neighbourhood, a cool retreat from the crowds, a calming touch away from the bustle of the big towns. Nature lovers can also dine outside in a lush-green area with a running fountain called the Oasis. 

The menu is inspired, as the warm and welcoming Totally Delicious proprietors have explained, by their need to be inclusive while retaining that wow factor.  One of the restaurant's best dishes is a pitch-perfect curried goat is a definite winner and favourite of locals. It may be the benchmark by which to forever measure this delicious Jamaican delicacy. Traditional Jamaican dishes like oxtail, steamed fish, fricassee chicken, hot fry chicken, stewed chicken are of an exceptional quality and infinitely superior.  

If you feel acutely miserable about eating meat, after watching that Nefflix documentary about the barbaric practices of food corporations, and are searching for fresh, piquant, and satisfying vegetarian dishes, then Totally Delicious will satisfy your vegan fix. Check out the classic curry chickpeas with potato and spinach dishes. Or try the intoxicating vegan Rastafarian Ital soup made with assorted Jamaican vegetables. They provide round-the-clock 

There is a cozy ice-cream shoppe dubbed Wonderland which self-designates as a "family space" and where the vibe is convincingly inviting and inclusive.

Once you've dined at Totally Delicious, you will forever savour the memory of your favourite dishes, wishing that there was just one bite more.


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