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DYE DYE HITS #1 ON @homeboyzradio IN NAIROBI, KENYA Featured

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So its proven #TeamMacka big n bad everyweh! Macka Diamond slappweh di boatride a New York lastnite cleaaaaan cleeeaaaaan dem say har performance noh tunup it tunova! Maaddd
#TeamMacka members Timry n Kiss Kiss represented Jamaica in Curacao n took on the DHQ of Curacao in a face off dubbed Jamaica vs Curacao Bubbling Contest lastnite n beat har baaaaaadddddd! Curacao get flatten! News Flash police invades parties in Curacao too yes dem lock it off shortly after we performed! Dwl Back in Jamaica: #TeamMacka members Sher n Habi took it to the streets of Spanish Town n Slapweh Wet Saturdez ask Bumpy Cash wa gwaan wen him drop Twist me n Dye Dye ova there! Next Step for them was Big Pool Party in Dela Vega City n of course dem "Put it dung ova deh" (habi voice) maaaad Dela noh good again! Dye Dye mash up Waterhouse lastnite u tink a lie askk Badda Badda from City Fusion maaad it was a good look! Yow Pree dis: Dye Dye #1 on @HomeboyzRadio KINGSTON 10 #BigTune in Nairobi Kenya Maaaaad go si di african dem a buss some chanting whine! Me looike it! Howie get well soon #TeamMacka love u! TeamMacka wanna say big up to all those who supporting us n Macka Diamond av a surprise for y'all just keep on giving ur continued suPport! Peace n Love
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