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LURID MURDER!! Man who stabbed woman to death after night of sex now on the run

LURID MURDER!! Man who stabbed woman to death after night of sex now on the run Featured

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Jamaicans are furious that a man who stabbed a woman to death after having sex with her is now on the run after absconding bail. Parish Judge Tracey-Ann Johnson issued a bench warrant for his arrest on Friday. The accused, Kino Gilzene, of New Haven, in Kingston, failed to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court is now on the lam.


The 21-year-old labourer who is on a murder charge, stands accused of stabbing 22-year-old Sudeen Jackson of Portmore, St Catherine, and bashing her face with a stone at his home on December 8, 2014.

Meanwhile, Gilzene’s sister, Alicia, who was also charged with murder following allegations that she helped her brother to bury Jackson’s body in a pit latrine, has failed to take up her $300,000 bail which was re-offered.

Alicia is to return to court on September 3.

According to police report, on December 8, Kino contacted the woman by phone after he got her number from a friend and made arrangements for her to meet him at his home the next day. The woman was reportedly scheduled to visit and have sex with Kino for a fee of $3,000. Jackson, who had never seen Kino before, reportedly met up with him in Duhaney Park, went to his house, followed through with the arrangement and was paid.

However, the court heard that the woman later requested to leave, but Kino got angry and stabbed her in her chest and neck before using a stone to bash in her face.

Subsequently, the accused allegedly hid the woman’s body underneath his bed and proceeded to clean up the crime scene.


Alicia later arrived home and reportedly found the body under the bed. After making enquries, she was told by her brother that he had killed Jackson. Upon learning of the murder, Alicia allegedly sent a text message to her boyfriend and told him that her brother had killed a woman.


The following morning the accused then reportedly took the woman’s body and buried it in a pit latrine at their home. They then reportedly concocted a story and told their mother, who called the police.

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