Reggae star Mr. Vegas is generating excellent feedback from fans who are enthused about his ISM album tour, where he has already played to sold out festivals in Switzerland, Italy, Holland, England, Belgium and Germany. 
"Europeans, and people outside the diaspora, are gravitating towards the message. They say: 'keep doing what you are doing', and I draw a lot of positive energy from that. Also disc jockeys from all over the world have been very supportive of the project, they are putting wonderful reviews all over social media. This is very gratifying because it means they understand the message, outside the diaspora, they get it," he told Loop reporter Claude Mills via telephone earlier this week. 
Mr. Vegas remains one of the most potent dancehall performers, as evidenced by his continued appeal and pulling power in major reggae markets from Europe to North America. In Belgium, he had the crowd responding to his every command, while in Switzerland, a two hour performance was not enough to sate the thirst of the crowd for his music. Then he rocked an audience of over 20,000 screaming fans for 90 minutes at the Rotterdam Reggae Festival. He continued that incredible form into Reggae Jam in Germany where unsuspecting fans got caught up in a high-energy aerobic class that had them dancing in glee.
"Not even the kids were spared from the infectious energy, that was an awesome show, fans are saying it was one of my best and I am really humbled because I put a lot of work and effort into my craft and my performances," Mr. Vegas said. . 
The reggae star who is not afraid to speak his mind, has been all over social media and on the news for the past months, but he appears to have weathered that storm and return to his true north of just being an entertainer, albeit one with a powerful supercharged message: the fight against oppression and bigotry will never stop. 
The artiste's tour continues in Hartford ,USA, before he returns to Europe, then the Central American nation of Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, Mr. Vegas'  “So High” song is now the most popular dancehall song, dominating the airwaves and ethnic dancehall charts. One of the major upcoming events on his hectic tour schedule is  an album launch at Krave night club, in Florida  on September 15th. 
In the coming weeks, he will also be releasing a highly anticipated video for his breakout single, 'Wake Up' from the Ism album, and a video to support his popular 'Meme' song which has been a big hit at his live performances in Europe. 
"The album is once again in the top ten reggae albums on iTunes so it shows that the fans are connecting with the music," he said. 
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