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RIVER STONE BUSS DEM HEAD!!! It's your girl Abena, and mi come fi talk the tings dem. Mi just spend a weekend pon the North Coast, mi go mi girlfriend wedding and stay ah Jamaica Grande, and the event sell off. Mi speech connect cause mi a Maid of Honor and all these things, but wah sell off the wedding ah the ring, my girlfriend husband go all out, when him buss the ring, the whole room do a Michael Jackson, SPEECHLESS. The ring nuh stop sparkle, like Octane say, if dem say mi bad mind, ah ketch mi ketch it, because the effect of da ring de contagious, mi feel like Smeagol the way the ring have mi a way, mi need one like it, MY PRECIOUS, memba mi told yu. Anyway, mi back inna the place again, and ready fi talk the tings dem.



Why Cash Money still a play so much a Kartel splice dubs???


Why that man throw kerosene oil pon him wife and light her alive? Ah barbecue him ah try barbecue har, or wah? Jamaican men ah the sickest pon the fucking planet!!!


How Chase Cross ah try diss the General? Mi nuh hear nobody ah jump to the defence of Bounty Killer, Chase Cross is NOT ALLOWED to diss Killer, him no have no hit song yet, him never rock a stage show yet. Mi sure say him caaan perform Mash Up Everyting pon no stage show without getting a bottle inna him short ribs. Mi sure say you would never see Usher ah diss up Stevie Wonder pon record much less fi say anything bad bout him but that ah the problem wid dancehall, there is no respect inna the game, and it sad. Bounty Killer don't deserve dem kinda disrespect ya, and mi is a Beenie Man fan and mi can say that, somebody need fi put Chase Cross inna him fucking place fi real.

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