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Tuesday Coffee - Beenie, the Embassy ah watch yu!

Tuesday, 08 June 2010 01:02 Written by
Why so much gyal ah send mi flowers pon Facebook? Mi open mi gmail the other day and mi see a teddy ah come from a gyal, why de people dem nuh check who dem a send dem ting to before dem send it. Mi see the people dem a cuss say mi nah give it to Beenie fi the almshouse him keep up on LA Lewis but I don't know if you know this, but 99 per cent of the people dem find LA Lewis annoying and ah nuff people did a hope say him pick up a bax and go build. Still, Beenie fi know wah him a do, him no waan get back him visa? Him no know say the US Embassy read the newspapers dem everyday?

SupaModel Joelee Drops new single

Monday, 07 June 2010 23:53 Written by
DAGCK Promotions recording artiste SupaModel Joelee is back in the recording studio to release another blazing hot new single “ME NUH SMILE” on the Money Wine Riddim produced by Bitta B Productions, Shat Money, and DAGCK Promotions.

Gyptian Crashes Bike, injures head

Monday, 07 June 2010 12:37 Written by
Gyptian crashed off his bike while riding on Molynes Road about an hour ago reportedly injuring his head. He is reportedly at the hospital doing an MRI exam.

Munga and Deva Brat to face off at 'The Settlement'

Monday, 07 June 2010 11:02 Written by
Deejay Munga Honorebel has finally been confirmed as an act on this Summer's 'The Settlement' stage show at the Kingston Polo Club on June 26th, sparking hopes of dancehall fans that there will finally be a lyrical face-off between the Gangsta Ras and his long time nemesis, Deva Brat.

"Beenie Threatened Me" - LA Lewis

Monday, 07 June 2010 04:00 Written by
LA Lewis said that he is now living in fear for his life after he was threatened by DJ Beenie Man when the two had an altercation a few minutes after the funeral service for Oneil Edwards, the member of Voicemail who was killed by gunmen recently.

How Shorty feel now that Kartel has dedicated a song to the girl dem call Chromas aka Candy, one of the new girls dem inna Kartel life? The man sing an entire song about her pum pum, and how him get him ting sieve out inna the studio when him a voice, and how him never see a girl weh him love so much? A wah kinda sort out Candy ah gi him? Candy ah the one who have the tweety bird tattoo pon her shoulder, it look like she ah him new heartbeat now.


Monday, 07 June 2010 03:19 Written by
Down Sound Records artiste Toya is generating major buzz with her singles, Hot Like a Fire and Boss Lady. Both singles are in the top 20 HYPE TV charts, with Boss Lady jumping to #18 this week. But the big news is that the Boss Lady video soared past 170,000 page views this morning.

People, how some gyal say dem hot and dem look like mash out crackers? Mi know mi look good, mi ting sort out, but some gyal ah suck cocky like roach and a crawl pon it like fly, mi a goodas, mi nuh know walk and pitch like some ah dem gyal ya. Ah Summer time and mi a ketch back a vibes and mi ready fi dun dem, and buss dem business. WAH DO SOME DUTTY GYAL? ATTACK, ATTACK!!! Mi a buy a pound of skipping rope and skip out dem company, move up time now.

Roots rock firebrand Ras Bogle is getting a big buzz with his latest release called Cry For Justice on the No Hypocrites riddim. Known for the uptempo single, Stay Far, Ras Bogle has quickly made his name as one of the distinctive new voices of reggae in 2010.

Ikaya's 'Hold Yu' doing well in the US

Sunday, 06 June 2010 01:31 Written by
Ikaya's Hold Yu remake of Gyptian's Billboard Hot 100 single is getting major buzz in the United States, popping up on the playlists of Internet radio stations, and is mixed in with Gyptian's hit songs in clubs in Miami.